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I decided it was time to update you all on Totsy (private sales for moms).  They sale products at a discounted price for moms, babies, kids, and sometimes dads.  They do have a standard shipping of $7.95 for most items which is not bad if you do purchase more than one item.  You can sign up to recieve e-mails and occasionally recieve free shipping codes.  I was somewhat hesitant about making purchases through this website due to the numerous complaints on their facebook page.  It says on their website that items will be delivered 2 to 3 weeks after the sales closes.  I took a chance and it worked out great.  My first order included 3 items.  I received the order by the date it said it would ship.  They were in excellent condition and I saved money!  The second order came before I was even expecting it (Within 2 weeks of sale closing).  The third shipment was right on time.  I am not on my fourth purchase but as of right now they are 3 days late.  I am contributing this to the holiday.  Hopefully my purchase will arrive this week.  I have looked at the prices for these items online and have felt I did get a better deal online through Totsy.  There are some other websites like theirs (Zulily, ect).  I have not tried Zulily yet but I have heard great things about them as well.  Here is a link if you would like to check them out.  Sign up is free and of course if you sign up through my link, you will help me out by gettin a $15.00 credit for future purchases.  With 3 kids, I can always use assistance lol.
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Well I decided to be one of those moms that puts their kids into a photo contest.  I believe I read somewhere that there would be a chance for a scholarship and I really could use  a scholarship for my kids.  I am going to add their link so if you could take a second to vote, that would be great.

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Okay!  It's summer time and I am always trying to find things to entertain my children.  My latest purchase was the Intex Rainbow Play Center pool.  First off, Intex is a great brand for pools.  Well I purchased this pool for my kids and let me tell you, they are in LOVE!  It provides lots of entertainment and is very durable.  It takes about 20 to 30 minutes to get it all set up.  It has toys for them to play with while in the pool like rings and balls. It has a sprinkler attached to it which they LOVED as well as a slide.  I basically had to drag my son out of the pool.  My only fault is while I was trying to finish airing it up my air blower broke!!  Agh!  It still provided entertainment and I took a few pictures.  I will be purchasing a new air machine tomorrow to get its full effect!  If you would like to take a look and purchase it, you can buy it directly here at Amazon through the link below..  More posts to come soon!
Hi everyone.  I wanted to start my blog today with a review of Sophie Catalou clothing.  The clothing is colorful and stylish.  They have clothing for both girls and boys from the ages of 3 months and up.  I won a contest recently and was able to receive a couple of outfits for free.  When I received them, I was absoultely in love.  The romper was colorful and a perfect fit for my daughter.  Now if you are like me, you probably have a hard time getting corresponding headgears to match.  I will post a picture of my daughter in her romper.  Too adorable.  I would recommend you purchase some clothes from them.  You can purchase their products online via their website.  You can also find them discounted at various times through website like Zulily and Totsy.  I will provide reviews for those places soon.  Here is a link to check Sophie Catalou out.
Welcome everyone.  My name is Jenny and I am a mom to 3 wonderful children from the ages 6 and under.  That is 1 boy and 2 girls. I will be providing reviews and rants about various topics!  Be sure to check back often.  I will review or research topics you request as well.  Just contact me on the contact page and I will do my best!  Have a great day!
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