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Okay!  It's summer time and I am always trying to find things to entertain my children.  My latest purchase was the Intex Rainbow Play Center pool.  First off, Intex is a great brand for pools.  Well I purchased this pool for my kids and let me tell you, they are in LOVE!  It provides lots of entertainment and is very durable.  It takes about 20 to 30 minutes to get it all set up.  It has toys for them to play with while in the pool like rings and balls. It has a sprinkler attached to it which they LOVED as well as a slide.  I basically had to drag my son out of the pool.  My only fault is while I was trying to finish airing it up my air blower broke!!  Agh!  It still provided entertainment and I took a few pictures.  I will be purchasing a new air machine tomorrow to get its full effect!  If you would like to take a look and purchase it, you can buy it directly here at Amazon through the link below..  More posts to come soon!

05/22/2012 21:58

These kind of pools are really very good for children to enjoy with water in this hot summers.

10/02/2012 09:26

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